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Government 2.0 – Managing Risks

I attend many workshops on Government 2.0 initiatives. At these workshops, attendees are always looking for concrete examples of Government 2.0 initiatives or best practices. I came across a publication that outlines steps one should take in managing Gov 2.0 projects with a specific focus on managing risks.

Section 3.1 – “Projects” – outlines concrete examples of Gov 2.0 initiatives around the globe. This is a great resources for anyone looking for best practices.

The document can be accessed here:
Government 2.0 Guide to Managing Risks


Internet: Made us better informed or just distracted?

06/06/2010 1 comment

“The information we consume is increasingly flat and homogenized. Designed to reach millions, it often lacks nuance, complexity and context. Reading the same factoids on Wikipedia and watching the same viral video on Youtube, we experience is a flattening of our culture.”

“We are the first few generations to receive most of our sense of the world mediated rather than direct, to have it arrive through one screen or another instead of from contact with other human beings or with nature”

Adbusters #90

A good example, Hilary Clinton farts!

This video is hilarious. Seems like 4.3million other people think so as well. But it is a distraction more than anything else. With 1000s of videos on the internet of political debate and discourse, a mash-up of Hilary farting gets the most views.

The advent of the internet was suppose to benefit humankind with its onslaught of information, readily accessible at our fingertips, making us better informed individuals. The Internet has helped individuals and businesses to overcome geographical, cultural and logistical barriers. It shrinks time and distance. It simplifies complex business processes and enables more effective communications. As social and cultural barriers continue to fade away, more individuals and companies are able to participate in the global economy, regardless of their size or location.

However, when the majority of people are navigating towards the 10 second soundbites, farting mash-ups, and other spoof videos, are we really better informed or just distracted?

All That Is Solid Melts Into Google

A video that presents a “doomsday” scenario for the digitalization of our lives. I’ve been reading a lot on Google lately, as a company, as the ideal business model, as the future. That’s why I found this video particularly interesting. What I’ve been reading about Google is some what exciting, not scary. The book, What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis, depicts all of this.

However, privacy of personal information is a very relevant issue in Canada. Controls and awareness are necessary, but lacking in most industries. So this video does do a good job of raising awareness.

Lastly, this video makes me ask: did Google create it?

View it here:

all that is solid melts into google from Peter Woodbridge on Vimeo.

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