Public Service Renewal Publications

A repository of relevant publications on public service renewal.

Government 2.0 Projects: Managing Risks

New York State: Empire 2.0 (Gov 2.0 Plan)

Comparison of Canadian Masters of Public Administration Programs (MPA)

The Values of Youth in Canada – 2010 Research Publication by the Policy Research Initiative

Innovation in the Public Sector – Better Practice Guide – Australian National Audit Office, December 2009

Social Media in Government – Exploratory Project – Center for Technology in Government

Innovation and Risk Control: A Public Sector Guide to Encouraging Innovation – Canadian Comprehensive Auditing Foundation, 2010

Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee on the Public Service
First report to the Prime Minister, March 2007
Second report to the Prime Minister, February 2008
Third report to the Prime Minister, February 2009
Fourth report to the Prime Minister, February 2010

Loyalty as a Fault – Critical reflections concerning the loyalty of the public service to elected government (free registration required to view this document)

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