Public Service Renewal, Politics and Curiosity is a blog about making improvements to the public service by sharing insights from one of Canada’s young professionals.

This blog is not meant to be a place to criticize the government or its practices or policies. I will not comment or post private, protected or confidential information here. My insights are formed entirely from what I’ve learned and experienced both inside and outside of government. On this premise, this blog will respect the following policy:

Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service

About Me

Trained as a social scientist, I tend to view the world through a cultural lens, focusing on the underlying motivations behind human thought and action. I believe that truth is not absolute, but relative based on individual experiences, emotions, actions, responsibilities, and thoughts. From a governance perspective, I believe the role of politics is to educate, identify common ground in our shared experience and seek compromise so that we can live civilly.

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