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Mandatory Voting?

I recently read an article entitled “Making Voting Mandatory” on a new website I discovered: The Mark News. Actually, they discovered me. I got signed up to their mailing list randomly. At first, I emailed the sender and asked about it. He mentioned that my name came up on a blogroll and that he thought I may be interested in the content of the webpage. Turns out, I am.

Thus far, the Mark News seems to be a news webpage/forum for open debate on political issues. By the nature of my profession, I am trained to identify bias. From my minor account of the content on this webpage, I cannot accurately say what its slant appears to be. Regardless, Make Voting Mandatory peaked my interested.

I recently wrote about a research study that “debunked” political apathy among youth. The premise of the study was: youth are not apolitical, they just want to engage in the political process through non-conventional methods (social networking, debate, participation). This article supports that premise, arguing that political parties in Canada dont target all voters in elections, but rather play to their base. The “get out the vote” campaigns that the United States recently experienced are simply not found in Canada.

Unfortunate it is. It appears as though the media has given up on youth activism as well (not to say it hasn’t in the USA also). I often listen to radio talk shows, both out East and in the prairies, to gain a perspective on the political pulse around the country (talk radio is very telling!) I rarely hear efforts to engage young people. Interviews conducted hardly include youth. There appears to be minimal efforts to reach out to University campuses. Employees themselves are often older!

As social networking and communication gain momentum, and companies like Google become juggernauts, I do believe that politicians everywhere will have to rethink what Government really means.

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