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Rediscover Curiosity

As a child, we all had a need and hunger for knowledge, to overcome ignorance, so we observed the world as closely as possible, absorbing large amounts of information. Everything was a source of wonder. With time, our minds tend to close off. At some point, we feel like we know what we need to know; our opinions are certain and firm. We do this out of fear. We dont want our assumptions about life challenged. If we go too far in this direction, we can become extremely defensive and cover up our fears by acting with supreme confidence and certainty.

What we all need to do in life is return to that mind we possessed as a child, opening up to experience instead of closing it off. Just imagine for one day that you do not know anything, that what you believe could be completely false. Let go of your preconceptions and even your most cherished beliefs. Experiment. Force yourself to hold the opposition opinion or see the world through other’s eyes. Listen to the people around you with more attentiveness. See everything as a source for education – even the most banal encounters. Imagine that the world is still full of mystery.

When you operate this way, you will notice that something strange happens. Opportunities will begin to fall into your lap because you are suddenly more receptive to them. Sometimes luck or serendipity is more a function of the openness of your mind.

Robert Greene

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